Welcome to Dairy Free Yogurts!!!  For all of you who LOVE Yogurt, but either can't stand eating dairy or can't stomach lactose you can learn about all the options for dairy free, lactose free yogurts on the market today, helping you make a wise purchase when you get to your local supermarket.  From soy, almond, rice to coconut yogurt you will learn about all of the different alternatives here!

Dairy Free Yogurt can easily satisfy the taste buds and provide the beneficial bacteria to keep the digestive system running smoothly. Lactobacillus is pretty much everywhere, not just in dairy yogurt. Not only does Non Dairy Yogurt provide you with good bacteria, but it also is LACTOSE FREE!!!  This is especially good for anyone who can't stomach the dairy that is in almost every meal we eat or are practicing being a vegan.

Here at Dairy Free Yogurts you will learn about all your options for the lactose free breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner you have been waiting for.  Keep the milk inside the cow and try something new!

We have information on all the leading brands including Silk, So Delicious and many more.

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